8/11/16Rep. Sloan Speaks at NCSL Conference
7/29/16Sloan Appointed to EPA Advisory Committee
7/23/16Notes from the Campaign Trail
7/18/16Rep. Sloan’s 2016 Legislative Report
7/12/16Sloan Participates In FCC Committee
6/26/16Rep. Sloan on Telehealth Committee
6/7/16 Rep. Sloan Calls For Special Legislative Session To Address Education Funding
5/19/16 Rep. Sloan Speaks at International Energy Conference
4/27/16Rep. Sloan Appointed to National Council on Electricity Policy
4/19/16Sloan Attends FCC Advisory Committee Meeting
3/1/16Rep. Sloan Files for Re-election
1/17/16Rep. Sloan Attends Telecommunications Conference
1/11/16Rep. Sloan at FCC Advisory Committee

12/11/15Rep. Sloan Speaks At National Conference
12/9/15Rep. Sloan Meets with DOE, White House, and EPA Staff
11/14/15EPA Clean Power Plan and Rep. Sloan
10/15/15Rep. Sloan Speaks at Emerging Issues Policy Forum
10/10/15Rep. Sloan on Faculty of Legislative Energy Horizon Institute
9/29/15Rep. Sloan Files Comments with DOE, Participates in GWAC Meeting
9/10/15Rep. Sloan Attends Natural Gas Policy Institute
8/3/15Rep. Sloan Building National Energy Policies
7/3/15Rep. Sloan Speaks to DOE Advisory Committee
5/15/15Sloan Participates in Transactive Energy Workshop
4/29/15Sloan Speaks At DOE Workshop
4/21/15Sloan at FCC IAC Meeting
3/18/15Second Newsletter of 2015
2/22/15First Newsletter of 2015
1/26/15Sloan at FCC Advisory Committee Meeting

12/11/14Rep. Sloan Speaks at International Energy Conference
11/24/14Rep. Sloan Participates in FCC Advisory Committee
10/20/14Sloan Participates in Emerging Issues Policy Forum
10/07/14Sloan Participates in DOE Risk Assessment Workshop
9/11/14Sloan Participates in GridWise Meeting
8/21/14Sloan Addresses Sec. of Energy
7/21/14Sloan Meets with FCC Officials
6/18/14Rep. Sloan In Washington, D. C. for Energy Meetings
6/13/14Rep. Sloan Tours North Dakota Energy Centers
6/6/14Sloan Speaks at National Energy Conference
5/30/14Rep. Sloan Participates in Military & Veterans Affairs Task Force
5/3/14End-of-session Newsletter
4/24/14Rep. Sloan Files for Re-election
4/14/14Rep. Sloan Participates in Water Vision Workshop
3/17/14Rep. Sloan Participates in Electricity Advisory Committee Meeting
2/17/14First Newsletter of 2014 Session
1/29/14Rep. Sloan Re-elected to GridWise Architecture Council

12/12/13Rep. Sloan Participates in GWAC Workshop
12/3/13Rep. Sloan Visits Walter Reed National Medical Center
12/2/13Rep. Sloan at Federal Communications Commission
11/23/13Department of Defense Recognizes Rep. Sloan
11/17/13Rep. Sloan Hosts Electric Rate-Making Policy Summit
10/31/13Rep. Sloan Participates in Midwest Governors Association Meeting
10/31/13 Rep. Sloan Participates at Governor's Water Conference
9/24/13Rep. Sloan at Council of State Governments Conference
8/14/13Rep. Sloan Speaks on Energy and Military-Civilian Issues
8/7/13Rep. Sloan Speaks at CSG-West Annual Meeting
7/28/13Tom's Report on the 2013 Session
7/2/13Rep. Sloan Participates in FCC Advisory Committee
6/8/13DOE to Receive Policy Recommendations Sponsored by Rep. Sloan
6/7/13Final Newsletter of 2013
5/24/13Rep. Sloan Chairs Military & Veterans Affairs Task Force Meeting
5/2/13Rep. Sloan Tours Energy Centers